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Homestyle stay in Goa

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We are a specialist company offering high quality, good value holidays at some of the most impressive campsites in Goa.
From your first contact with Fleur right through to the time you complete your holiday, we're committed to caring for you and your family. Our quality service is never compromised - as you will see.

  • Choice of smoking or non-smoking accommodation
  • Duvets and pillows provided free in all tents and holiday homes
  • New Villa Vacances Holiday Home design

    We recommend that before you leave for your holiday you have your car fully serviced.

    Homestyle is a popular mobile home chosen by many holidaymakers. Comfortably fitted and fully equipped Homestyle models offer ideal holiday accomodation for up to 8 people. Traditional styling, deep cushioned seating, comfortable full size beds and ample storage space are amongst the many features which provide all of your home comforts in the Homestyle design
    The extra strain of a fully laden car travelling long distances can take its toll. Minor problems often occur immediately after a service so don’t leave it until the night before. Spares can sometimes be difficult to obtain in France depending on make, so it is advisable to be prepared with minor parts. A basic spares kit can be obtained from garages, cars, containing basic items, i.e. fan belt, cam belt, spark plugs. It is useful to carry a small tool kit of screwdrivers, spanners and pliers. Also, it is advisable to carry spare keys with you. As regards exhaust systems, check this is in good order, since they are usually expensive in Goa. It is no longer compulsory to have yellow lights in Goa. However, you must ensure that the lights are adjusted for driving on the right. Adjusters can be bought from any motor outlets. It is compulsory to carry a red warning triangle in Goa. In the event of a breakdown, it should be placed at a safe distance from the car to warn other road users. These may be purchased from any motor outlets or cars. Wearers of contact lenses and glasses must by French law carry a spare set with them.

    The Goan Lifestyle

    Goans as the people from Goa are known around the world, have a unique lifestyle which reflects the perfect blending of the cultural influences that they have experienced over the centuries.

    By nature, Goans are warm, friendly, easy going and large hearted. They live life in style and at a leisurely pace. They are passionate about dance, music and art which is in their blood and they love their food and feni.

    Goans attitude to life is best described by the word Susegad which means taking life at a relaxed pace and enjoy it to the full. This unique philosophy of life originates from the Portuguese word Socegado which literally meant quiet.

    The people of Goa have taken that to heart, quite wholeheartedly while leading quiet and relaxed lives in their peaceful land.

    In fact, no less a person than the late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi described this trait of the Goan people, actually as an enduring strength of Goan character.

    Goans also love their afternoon 'siesta'. Another leftover from the Portuguese colonial era, the siesta lasts from 1 pm to 4 pm, when a fair number of shops in the Goan towns and villages will remain shut. The siesta is much less in evidence as compared to yesteryears when the streets used to wear a deserted look around lunchtime.

    This does not mean that the Goans are not hard-working. They toil long and hard in their rice, coconut and cashewnut plantations and reap the bounties of nature. A very large number have migrated all over the world, working hard for their livelihood and sending money back home to their loved ones.

    Goans are very much fashion aware and tourists are likely to see the very latest in designer wear on the streets, no sooner than the it appears elsewhere in India. Clothes form an important part of the Goan lifestyle making it essential to dress well at the innumerable social occasions that occur around the year.

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